NCVC Webstore is OPEN AGAIN!!


Please note we have 2 ways to order NCVC apparel…
1. From our APP Store (All is in-stock and available at 1st come, 1st serve) –
a. NIKE Socks
b. NCVC Logo’d Duffel Bags
c. NCVC Logo’d Backpacks
d. NIKE Knee Pads
e. NIKE Game Shorts
f. NCVC Logo’d Dry-Fit Ball Cap

2. From the NCVC Team Shop (OPEN till Jan 21st) – (Password is NCVCRUSH)
a. NCVC Fleece Pants
b. NIKE Knee Pads
c. NCVC Epic Jacket
d. NCVC Epic Pant
e. NCVC Fleecy Hoody
f. NCVC Long Sleeve T-Shirt
g. NCVC Short Sleeve T-Shirt
IMPORTANT – All orders will be delivered to NCVC and distributed at practice.
See attachment for Web Team Shop and APP Store items……

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